We are excited to announce that we will be partnering with competitive long-range shooter and Professional Guide John Griswold to offer a long range shooting school at our South Dakota headquarters. This will be a 2-day class that will be limited to 8 people per session.

Advances in technology along with the advances in rifles, scopes, and ammunition make long range shooting drastically different then it was when most of us were growing up. Come and learn new skills that will make your upcoming hunt a successful one!

Our goal during this 2-day course is to familiarize you with modern equipment and the proper utilization of that equipment to impact targets out to 1000+ yards. After completing this course, you will feel comfortable with the process and equipment needed to take a big game animal in field conditions out to 500 yards. We also stress and teach ethical shooting and when it’s best to not take the shot.


We will teach with emphasis on the removal of variables that will aide in making a “precision” shot. Examples of this would will include: wind/mirage, how to bracket your wind hold based off ballistic solving and understanding atmospheric conditions. This course is not designed around sending rounds down range with grandad’s rifle with the “hope” that we hit our intended target. That being said, making the precision shot is something that you can definitely achieve with proper equipment and training. Therefore, all level of experience is welcome!

A portion of the course will be taught indoors and the range portion of the course will take place on one of our multi thousand-acre hunting ranches where true long range field conditions will be emulated.


  • Equipment identification and review: rifles, scopes, rangefinders, and ammunition.
  • Shooting fundamentals
  • Field equipment
  • Ballistics
  • Q&A


  • Chronograph
  • Engaging varying sized steel targets out to 1000+ yards
  • Shooting positions
  • Complete at least 2 hunting scenarios while utilizing taught techniques. Find, range and impact targets in each scenario.

We request that you bring the following:

  • An accurate rifle
  • A turret style scope
  • A rangefinder if you have one (We will have several on hand)
  • At least 100 rounds of factory or handloaded ammunition
  • Smartphone or ballistic calculator such as a kestrel. (We will instruct on ballistic solvers and how to access and utilize)
  • Eye and Ear protection 
  • Bipod (6 - 9” or 9 – 13”)
  • Rear bag if you have it. (We will have some on hand)
  • A notebook
  • Proper clothing
  • We do have a limited number of fully set-up custom rifles along with ammunition for rent. Inquire upon registration if you are interested in this option.

Cost of the class is $2,000+tax per person which includes hotel (three nights), field lunch and supper. SD is a suppressor friendly state so feel free to bring them.

Limited private classes (2 person minimum) are available depending on time of year. Please contact to arrange this option. 

Although no dynamic movement is necessary for the class, range of motion/movement to include laying prone for short periods of time is necessary for participation.


You must registered early to participate!



Contact:  Pat West
3990 Drolc Lane    Piedmont, SD  57769
(605) 787-5177   Cell (605) 381-4440


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